A simple student participation tracking application

Easy to Use

This web application enables participation tracking with a click of a button. Users get to arrange students into a seating chart for easing student finding. There is even an undo button if you accidently click on the wrong student!

Track Participation

Participation comes in a variety of forms. Whether it is raising your hand, asking for help, or small group discussions. Participuppy helps teachers track participation of all forms in the the classroom.

Reduce Bias

With the use of Participuppy, it is clear to teachers which students have been more engaged. With the use of visuals, teachers can direct their attention to those who haven't been helped as often.

Participation has a variety of meanings, depending on the teacher. It comes in many forms from raising hands, to turning in assignments and asking questions. In a survery of 21 teachers, 17 beleive participation has a positive impact in the classroom, while 3 beleive their might be a correlation and 1 teacher beleives there is no correspondence.

Who We Are

Austin is the machine behind participuppy. Austin is a software enginner with a love for building projects to help make the world a better place.

Andrea is the creative mind behind the project. She is a former middle school science teacher and has spent 6+ years working in education.